Why UGears?

About  UGELEGO – UGears Distributor in Canada

We are Ugelego and we offer you the best wooden mechanical toys in Canada directly from the original UGears Brand. We strive to bring people of all ages together in the name of creativity and innovation.

Our business has grown tremendously over the years. We have expanded our range of mechanical models and currently offer over 30 unique models

Excellence in Mechanical Models

Our team of engineers puts a lot of effort into creating our wonderful UGears models. Most of our products are inspired by real-life mechanisms, while many are created from the imagination of our customers.

  • High-Quality Models

Quality control is important to us because we want to provide the best mechanical model kits on the market.

  • Mechanical Motion

Our models are fully self-propelled. They are intricately engineered to be dynamic, making it possible for some of them to travel up to 5 metres.

  • No-Glue Assembly

We do not use glue when making our wooden models. We put so much thought into our products so that all the pieces fit like a jigsaw. This way you do not have to worry about your kids and loved ones being exposed to chemicals found in glue.

  • Unique Designs

We put a lot of thought into our mechanical toys. We combine education, fun, and beauty all in one. Our products are a learning experience both during and after assembly, and can also be used as decor pieces.

  • Environmentally-Friendly Materials

We believe business and care for our planet go hand in hand. This is why our wooden mechanical models are ethically-sourced from 100% sustainable wood.

What Makes Us Different

We have built a community of fun-loving customers as a result of our dedication to our craft. What makes UGears mechanical wooden models stand out is:

    • Our products are perfect for adults and kids of all ages.
  • Our products make great corporate gifts your colleagues will enjoy.

The UGears Experience

We have high work standards that we have been consistent with since our company’s inception. As of today, we are proud to retail our mechanical toys in Canada. Experience the thrill of constructing something with your own hands with our amazing UGears mechanical models.