Truck UGM-11 3D mechanical Puzzle UGearsTruck UGM-11 3D mechanical Puzzle UGears

Truck UGM-11 – 3D DIY Wooden Puzzle by UGears

CA$ 112.90


Long before the horse powered, streamlined trucks dotted the roadways, lorries dominated the transportation industry. The UGM-11 truck pays homage to trucks of yesterday and today with its classic design and fully functional four piston engine with moveable steering wheel. Close your eyes and let this highly detailed 3D truck model take you anywhere you want to go. The “rubberpunk” ingenuity of the engine perfectly combines both clockwork and steampunk worlds to create a fully operational rubber band motor that will take your truck anywhere you want it to go. Each piece is carefully designed to create this highly detailed masterful piece of roadway machinery.

Additional information

Weight 1267 g
Dimensions 375 × 170 × 35 mm


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