Ugears_Trimaran_Merihobus yacht constructor kitUgears_Trimaran_Merihobus yacht constructor kit

Trimaran Merihobus – 3D Wooden Model by UGears

CA$ 74.90


Sail the open seas to explore new lands on this beautifully designed sail boat. The skeletal style hull is especially designed to highlight the detail that goes into making a fine sea faring vessel. Each piece is designed with care to mirror real prototypes. The design of the bench model hull showcases all the parts that are part of a multihull sailboat such as the winches and rigging. The mainsail and staysail move on the mast like a real boat sails, giving the UGears mechanical model makers an authentic sail boat toy that they can cherish and admire.

Additional information

Weight 1085 g
Dimensions 375 × 170 × 35 mm


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