Tribka-Trinkets (4 PCS) – Tractor, Cat, Head and Heart by UGears

CA$ 19.90


UGears Canada has put its own dynamic spin on the fidget spinning toy with their own innovative, four-piece Tribka Trinkets wooden mechanical toy set. The unique, multifunctional model pieces use basic mechanics to create a delight 3D puzzle that stimulates the senses while offering a venue to relieve your stresses. Each custom made piece has its own personality and style. The passionate heart, powerful tractor, free kitty cat, and intelligent head are great tools for idle hands. When they are not being used to ease anxiety, the brilliantly designed wooden puzzle shapes make great keychains or zipper tags for your school or work bag.

Additional information

Weight 61 g
Dimensions 100 × 70 × 16 mm


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