Ugears Tower Windmill Model wood moving modelUgears Tower Windmill Model wood moving model

Tower Windmill Model – Mechanical 3D Puzzle by UGears

CA$ 115.90


Long before wind farms cropped up along agriculture fields to collect wind energy, windmills were used to harness the gusting wind’s power to mill wheat and pump water. These historical structures are icons of strength, ingenuity and masterful workmanship. Their mesmerizing vanes move with precision and grace in front of the towering, sturdy building. Now you can own your own miniature version of the magnificent historical windmill with this 3D wooden puzzle kit. Once built, enjoy watching the four aerodynamic twist sails rotate clockwise smoothly in front of the cylindrical shaped building while the guardsman and nobleman watch while perched on their horses.

Additional information

Weight 1490 g
Dimensions 378 × 170 × 50 mm


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