Blooming flower 3d wooden puzzleBlooming flower 3d wooden puzzle

Mechanical 3D Blooming Flower – 3D Puzzle by UGears

CA$ 54.90


Looking for a truly breathtaking piece that is guaranteed to bring your loved ones joy, the Blooming Flower is an example of magnificent ingenuity and delicate detailing. With a simple turn of the bottom ring, you can open and close the beautiful floral petals to create a new center piece. The bloom flower has two separate stands to rest the decorative floral top on. Enjoy watching a graceful ballerina pirouette inside this whimsical lotus flower or stow your favourite jewels on the Tree of Luck branches. The intricately detailed petals are cut in high quality plywood using laser precision technology.

Additional information

Weight 495 g
Dimensions 375 × 170 × 30 mm


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