Fire Truck Ladder Mechanical Smart toy by UGearsFire Truck Ladder Mechanical Smart toy by UGears

Fire Truck – Wooden Moving Model by UGears

CA$ 139.00


Part of their trucks collection, this self-propelled model has a retractable, three-section ladder that extends a full 70 centimetres on a rotating base. The unique design combines classic trucks from the earlier eras with modern technology. A four-cylinder rubber band motor moves the truck forward and backward to help you navigate the engine to the next emergency call. The four pistons on the engine move with realistic precision underneath a folding front hood. Made with the highest quality in details and precision, the truck includes a smaller ladder so the brave firefighters can climb onto the rotating base quickly and safely.

Additional information

Weight 1860 g
Dimensions 372 × 170 × 57 mm


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