Combine Harvester Mechanical 3d toy UGearsCombine Harvester Mechanical 3d toy UGears

Combine Harvester – Mechanical Construction Kit by UGears

CA$ 62.90


Combines are the ultimate piece of farming machinery. This superior piece of equipment changed the way farmers harvested their crop, making it a faster, more efficient process. UGears Canada has made a truly unique miniature version of this mighty harvesting tool. Once the rubber band motor is wound up and ready to go, simply release the handle and watch as the multi-moving parts propel the combine forward while the cutter board reel rotates clockwise on the ground, ready to cut this year’s harvest. Made of high quality, eco-friendly plywood, this combine model take mechanical wooden toy designs to a whole new level.


Additional information

Weight 681 g
Dimensions 375 × 170 × 30 mm


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