Ugears Aviator ModelUgears Aviator Model

Aviator – 3D Wooden Model by UGears

CA$ 115.90


Enjoy the thrill of flying high in the sky with this three-in-one puzzle that celebrates the beauty and freedom of flight. UGears Canada’s first aeroplane 3D model, the Aviator comes with an airplane, helicopter and control tower to truly delight your inner pilot. Designed with a five piston motor and two control bars in the tower, control the roll and pitch of your aviation machines from the safety of the tower. Fine tune your engines to keep your air machines soaring high in the proverbial sky. Every detail of this aviator model has been made with extreme care and precision to create a superior mechanical toy.

Additional information

Weight 1697 g
Dimensions 378 × 170 × 50 mm


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