Ugears_Archballista-Tower laser cutter modelUgears_Archballista-Tower laser cutter model

Archballista And Tower – Shoots Actual Wood Bolts by UGears

CA$ 64.90


Go back in time to the medieval era when chivalrous knights defended their villages from enemy invasions. The archballista was the weapon of choice for centuries because of its accuracy and widespread target range. Create your own medieval battle enactment with the realistically designed tower and archballista. The fine details of the tower and ballista are true representations of the medieval era. The archballista is designed with adjustable base legs to stabilize the machinery while the firing mechanism lets you shoot up to three bolts at a time. Each piece is cut from high quality, eco-friendly plywood using the most advanced laser technology for superior cutting.

Additional information

Weight 890 g
Dimensions 370 × 170 × 27 mm


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