UGears: 8 Amazing 3D Puzzles for Adults and Kids

Royal Wedding Carriage wooden toy puzzle

For all the technological devices on the market today, none of them captivate the imagination and joy as much as a 3D wooden puzzle. Today’s wooden mechanical toys are not only made for kids, but adults enjoy building them too. Mechanical wooden toys provide hours of problem solving and creative fun. The beautifully designed wooden mechanical models are great activities that one or more people can build together. Once completed, you will not only feel satisfied by a job well done but also have an artistic, moveable keepsake to display.

Unlike computerised games, UGears mechanical models give you a hands-on, DIY activity that stimulates all the senses. Rather than watching a screen, with 3D wooden puzzles, you not only look at the pieces but can touch them and hear the pieces join together as well. Once completed, simply turn the crank to watch your wooden mechanical model come to life.

Back to Basics

Wooden puzzles for kids have many benefits. At a time when children are spending too much time on handheld devices, wooden 3D puzzle kits offer a unique alternative. With the wide selection of designs to choose from like our safe with a door that locks or our Hurdy Gurdy musical wooden puzzle, parents will have no trouble finding something that their kids will want to build.

Tickle the Mind

There are many skill developing benefits to building tactile puzzles kits. Because they are hands-on DIY projects, UGears mechanical models, like the Horse Mechanoid improves dexterity and fine motor skills. Problem-solving, eye-hand coordination, and sense of touch are all stimulated by putting together a 3D wooden puzzle. Reading skills also improve when following the instructions to put the 3D puzzle for kids together.

Broaden Your Interests

UGears Canada’s selection of puzzle kits allows you to further explore your interests. Your young ballerina will be thrilled to build her own mechanical 3D Blooming Flower puzzle while the train enthusiast can deepen their appreciation for old and new track runners by building their own Steam Locomotive.

Ugears Train Model

Sense of Achievement

Constructing a wooden gears toy boosts confidence. Each wooden puzzle kit, like our popular Tower Windmill Model, can take several hours to put together. But once the puzzle is completed, the puzzle maker will be left feeling a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction for completing the hands-on project.

Perfect for Creative Adults

Wooden puzzle kits are not just made for kids. We have many mechanical model kits for adults, too. From the exquisitely detailed Stagecoach to our artistically detailed Theatre 3D Mechanical Puzzle, wooden puzzles are just as popular with adults as they are for children.

Mechanical wooden toys promote interaction and bonding between families and friends. Unlike many computerized programs where interactions are limited and isolating, 3D wooden puzzles can be built by one or more people together. Spending an evening with loved ones to build one of our wooden mechanical toys will invite conversation and bring you closer together.

Theater Mechanical 3D moving Puzzle

UGears Canada offers a huge selection of 3D wooden puzzles for children and adults. Our mechanical toys engage, entertain, and help develop vital sensory and physical skills while helping improve self-esteem.

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